Movin' on uuup!

Hey guys. I needed a fresh start, so I made a new blog today. To continue to get updates from me, please subscribe to ! Thanks!

New addiction....

Are any of you as addicted to Twitter as I am? I have met a bunch of moms on there!

Wordless Wednesday: Bath Time!

Creative Moment...AKA. I Must Be Driving You Nuts!

Haha! So yes, I have changed the blog theme yet again. Don't mind the header image. I made it. So that would explain its quality. -cough-

Anywho, If you scroll down, I have also added some wonderful banners to the sidebar. Click them. Please. Any of them that are click-able are things that I am very passionate about, and would appreciate greatly if you would help me support them. Yes, one of them is my shop, which would support me. Thank you ahead of time. If you have any great banners and such for causes or anything, let me know! I'd love to add them! Or, if you know of anywhere to get great blog stuffs, let me know too. I'd love you forever. I really will. Promise!

Oooh! Homemade goodness!

C'mon Girls! You know you all love homemade stuff, AND pickles, so go enter at The Dayton Time for your chance to win a delectable array of homemade goodies including, yes, pickles!

Wow...How dissapointing.


Not a single entry into my contest.

Not even a comment.


Frantic Friday, or I Am Such a Procrastinator!

So, I'm heading out of town for the weekend in a few hours, and of course I'm not fully packed yet. Sooo, you're only getting a mildly entertaining post this morning. [Pssshh! That would require the other posts to have been entertaining!]

I spotted the Munchkin the other day providing me with a glimpse into his fashion future. I must say, I'm worried.

And yes, that is my sock he's wearing, and no, I didn't put it on him. I also have no idea where his pants went. I found him this way!

And with that, I wish you all a good day! I'll try to post at least a small post this weekend! Be back Monday!