Ohhhh Pamela. What a time!

Ok...Sooo, I just got a meme of the most dreaded kind. A photo of ME RIGHT NOW! GASPCOUGHCHOKE.

Ok, the rules are as follows:

1. Take a picture of yourself riiiight NOW!
2. Do NOT change your clothes. Do NOT change your hair. Do NOT put on makeup. (I am dying inside right about now.)
3. Post your picture without ANY editing. (GASP...CHOKE...DIE!)
4. Post these instructions with your picture.
5. Tag 10 people to do the same!

Ok...now I must warn you....I have been cleaning all day in preparation for the holidays, and was snowed in, and just woke up from a nap. That is a deadly combo. At least to ANY possibility of having a photogenic picture. Note the thoroughly pleased look I have in the picture. THAT IS ALL FOR YOU, PAMELA!

cough....So yeah...on to torturing more people. Most of the people I know have been tagged already from Pamela, so my list is going to be short.

Sooo...here are the victims Lovely women I have chosen!

1. Andi at Creative Junkie
2. Susan at Life's Too Short Not To Share

Aaaand...I think that's it. Pamela hogged them all! :P Just kidding!

Please Pardon Our Dust!

As you can see, after some issues with our web hosting, I have needed to move back to blogger. I am still trying to figure out why my personalization of the theme won't work, but other than that, things have gone well.

Hopefully it will be a lot easier for me to do stuff here...it was pretty tough to do anything on our own hosting. So now blogging is not such a chore. :P

Yikes! I’ve been gone too long! And….My first Meme! :D

Wow….I guess life has zoned me out even more than I thought! Sorry for leaving you guys hanging. I probably lost the one reader I had! :-P

Well, the wonderful Jocelyn from Tillaboro Orchard, a wonderful friend of mine, has just given me my first Meme! Wahooo! I feel so special! :D

Ok, the rules are simple: I was given a letter of the alphabet from Joce (The letter K) and I need to list 10 things from my daily life that begins with that letter! :D So, here goes nothin’!

1. Kisses. The things that are magnetically attracted to Cam’s cheeks, neck, forehead, and general body area.

2. Kitchen. The bane of my existance.

Yikes…she gave me a hard letter!

3. Kittens. What I wish for in my dreams every day. That, and puppies, but that is the wrong letter. :-P



4. Kids. I now know why tigers eat their young.


5. Kindness. Something I try my hardest to show to Cam, even at those times where I’m wondering what he tastes like.

Wow…can’t believe I made it this far…

6. Knowledge. The thing my husband has about just about everything. He amazes me every day with how smart he is.

7. Keys. Cam is constantly stealing mine. Seriously. I never know where they are.

8. Kazoo. Cam is trying to learn to use the one Grandma just got him. Its adorable to watch.

9. Kookies. Yes, I know…I cheated. But I still need to start my Christmas cookies.


10. Kisses. The chocolate almond kind. I’ve eaten a billion in the past few days. It’s bad.

Okie dokie. Now that I’ve finished, all YOU need to do to get YOUR Meme, is to leave a comment asking for a letter! I’ll then leave you a comment on your blog with your letter :D

A Night for Ghouls and Ghosts!

Cam had a blast trick-or-treating last night. We only did about a half a street, but he thought it was so cool that everyone around him was dressed up. He wasn’t even scared of some of the creepier costumes! The only time he got scared was when a man answered the door at a house. That triggers Cam’s stranger danger response. But other than that, he had a blast. Then we went over to great-grandma’s house to see all his cousins and their costumes. And of course, get more candy. :D

What did you and your family do for Halloween?

Who Says Bedtime is a Chore?

A Visit from the Comedy Fairy, and a Shameless Plug

My MOPS group met last night, and we were blessed with a visit from one of my absolute favorite Comedic Goddesses. This woman is an absolute delight to be around, not to mention a blogging genius. She added so much to our meeting last night. She is just so honest and straightforward about her beliefs even if she feels others will disagree. She doesn’t give a crap whether or not you disagree, and I look up to that more than anyone can know. I just don’t have that ability yet. I need to get over my constant desire for approval from others. I need to learn to do things my way for me and my family, not for anyone else. Buuut, thats going to be a lifelong project for me.

She also gave me some great blogging tips on how to get more readers, so hopefully I won’t just be writing for myself anymore.Not that I have written that much anyway. But maybe if I actually have readers, I could actually get off my extraordinarily large bee-hind (or on it, if you consider that I am sitting at my computer) and actually write. YES, I DO realise I said the word “actually” about 5,543,978 times there.

But anyway, on to the shameless plug. If you have a blog, and you could dig out some leftover kindness from the back of your heart-refridgerator and mention this poor little sad blog of mine, I would GREATLY appreciate it, and would lend out my child to be your slave. You didn’t think I would be your slave did you?