Who Says Bedtime is a Chore?

A Visit from the Comedy Fairy, and a Shameless Plug

My MOPS group met last night, and we were blessed with a visit from one of my absolute favorite Comedic Goddesses. This woman is an absolute delight to be around, not to mention a blogging genius. She added so much to our meeting last night. She is just so honest and straightforward about her beliefs even if she feels others will disagree. She doesn’t give a crap whether or not you disagree, and I look up to that more than anyone can know. I just don’t have that ability yet. I need to get over my constant desire for approval from others. I need to learn to do things my way for me and my family, not for anyone else. Buuut, thats going to be a lifelong project for me.

She also gave me some great blogging tips on how to get more readers, so hopefully I won’t just be writing for myself anymore.Not that I have written that much anyway. But maybe if I actually have readers, I could actually get off my extraordinarily large bee-hind (or on it, if you consider that I am sitting at my computer) and actually write. YES, I DO realise I said the word “actually” about 5,543,978 times there.

But anyway, on to the shameless plug. If you have a blog, and you could dig out some leftover kindness from the back of your heart-refridgerator and mention this poor little sad blog of mine, I would GREATLY appreciate it, and would lend out my child to be your slave. You didn’t think I would be your slave did you?