Wow....just wow. The Holidays were a whirlwind! Christmas was wonderful. Cameron was in love with everything Santa brought him. He was so excited he hugged my legs as soon as he walked into the room! It was almost as though he couldn't believe it! The holidays also brought some more talking out of him. He seems to be skipping over the single word learning, and is learning small phrases instead. He now says Degu (Thank you), Dergo (There you go!), and Poppa (His name for my dad). Its wonderful to finally be able to see inside that beautiful little head of his and see his thoughts.

Christmas day, we had a wonderful time over at the Hubby's Grandparent's house. It was nice to have such a fun gathering with his family for a change. I still feel like the odd man out, but I feel it getting better.

Friday, my parents came out here and stayed the weekend. I cannot tell you how much I love my parents. They are the greatest people in the world. For some reason, having my mom around just seems to make every stress melt away. She's so helpful and loves to help with the baby. Then, on Sunday, I rode out with them and stayed until Thursday at their house. Again, wonderful. My parents love to cook, and I love to eat, so we get along well. :)

How were your holidays? Any fun/bad/horrifying things happen?

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  1. Sounds like holidays were great for you! We just got back from Vegas (no kids for 5 days!!) and now I'm back trying to re-enter the real world. Ugh.