Hmm...Maybe giving you free stuff will get you to read and comment AKA Bribing You to Read!

Yeah....I'm shameless, I know.

SO. In order to wake your lazy butts up to read my blog, which will in turn wake ME up and make me blog more, I am hosting my VERYFIRSTSHINEYGIVEAWAY. Wahoo!

Since Sunday is my Mom's birthday, [HI Mom!] it was pretty easy to come up with the entry idea. To enter, just leave a comment on this post, talking about either your favorite present you have received from your children, or, if you don't have kids, the most creative present you have given your mom.

You receive extra entries if you bring people here! All they have to do is mention you telling them somewhere in their comment! You ALSO get an extra entry if you mention this giveaway and link back to it in your blog. Winners will be chosen using

What are you winning?



Well, I guess thats kind of important! You will be winning a grab bag of crafts! The bag can contain Handmade cards, gift tags, and more! Examples taken with my terrible camera can be seen below. Good luck everyone, and START READING!

EDIT: I guess telling you when the winners will be picked would be a good thing! I think...Tuesday would be a good time :D Good Luck!...again.

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